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Image Processing and Camera Designs

This is a sample of some of our image processing and camera designs.  Besides the examples below, Verien has designed CCD, CMOS, and infrared cameras, as well as several frame grabbers.

Embedded Binocular Vision System

Embedded Binocular Vision System 
Based upon a TI DSP, this low cost embedded system provides image acquisition and processing from two CMOS sensors, video display, FLASH, SDRAM, I2C, real time clock, and Ethernet. The programmable logic provides most of the glue for the system: sync generation, an optical encoder interface, a PWM heater controller, and other necessary functions.

Image Processing System for Wafer Repair 
This system is used for the inspection of wafers during plasma etch and essentially uses each pixel of a CCD as an interferometer. The client needed to have a camera with thermally controlled CCD array in a very small package, and desired to connect up to four of these cameras to a single frame grabber with image processing performed on the live data. The result was the development of an actively cooled camera (using Peltier coolers) approximately 1" x 2" x 3" in size and which contained the A/D and several DACs, all CCD timing generation and control, as well as a differential interface back to the frame grabber. The frame grabber captures four live video streams, performs image processing on the streams, and then transfers the data to host memory. 

Wafer Repair Image Processing System

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