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Tech Notes

The following pages provide a number of tips on the design of FPGAs. Most of the information is based upon Xilinx FPGAs, although -much of it applies to the other FPGA families, as well. If you have any questions or comments regarding this info, please contact us at: info@verien.com.
  • PCI Express Tutorial - This is a primer on the PCI Express interface which discusses the topology, protocol layers, and transactions on the bus.  
  • Xilinx PCI Express Hard IP Tutorial - PCI Express has become the ubitious standard for PCs.  This article provides insight into the use of the Xilinx PCI Express hard IP core.
  • High Performance Design -This article provides recommendations for achieving high performance in FPGA designs.
  • Unit Cost vs. Development Cost in FPGA Projects - There is always a tradeoff between the final unit cost of a product and the costs to develop that product, and FPGA projects have some unique considerations.

Tech Notes
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